Often mis-understood, but really, it is quite simple.
Every image I capture, I own.
I can sell it to you as a digital file or sell it to you as a print …
BUT, and it's a very important BUT … I still own it
It is not permissible to give it away, provide it for free use to your sponsor, use it on your business website without paying me a commensurate rate for the commercial gain that such an ‘advertising image' might provide your business or your sponsors business.

And depending on the medium will depend on the value.
Check Getty if you're not sure how it can vary for premium commercial images.
BUT, each usage or single usage has a value, if you use it multiple times or indeed over multiple media it works, right ?? So therefore it is a valuable image.

I have worked in advertising / marketing and media for 20+ years so I understand the value of an image. Good news is, I choose to make my work affordable.

Please don‘t engage my legal team.
If you think my image will promote your business or brand or product, please pay the fee.

Professional Photographers make their money in 4 ways:

1. Commissioned work (our favourite ! ) Being PAID to be at an event with significant benefits to the event for access to images
Being PAID for a private shoot where full image access is afforded

2. Photo sales – print or digital for personal use
No-one is ever going to make a living chasing a single image sale but this is where we start !!

3. Third Party sales
This includes sales to Sponsors / Advertisers / Venues / Promoters / Stock Contractors / Event Organisers / Media outlets etc

4. Magazines and post event media outlets
Newspapers seldom acknowledge anyone beyond their privileged Staff photographers - I am yet to pay a bill with 'you'll get your name in the newspaper' !!
I am very grateful to the numerous print publications that regularly use and pay me for my work, it helps keep me out there and I appreciate it very much.

That's it .... that's how I pay my rent, travel, buy and maintain my gear and pay for countless hours editing images. That's why being paid, even for a Face Book cover or profile pic is important.
I hope you will support me by purchasing my work, be it for personal or commercial use, because even a small purchase will help me be at your next event / sport or activity.
Thanks very much.

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All images © Stephen Mowbray
All photographs and images are protected by Australian and International copyright laws. 
Please do not download, copy, print-screen, take a screen shot with any device of any image on this website. Portfolio Proof images are for display on my website alone.
This means my images may NOT be displayed on sites such as Facebook, stud websites, forums or for advertising in any format without my written permission. 
People in breach of my Copyright Terms will face a Copyright Infringement Penalty & possible legal action .

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